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Join over 145,000+ players and coaches, from World Series Champions to youth levels, who have found that playing Heads-Up Baseball helps them:

Overcome FAILURE, FRUSTRATION and FEAR the games throws at you each day, and instead play with CONFIDENCE, CONSISTENCY, and COMPOSURE under pressure.

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Dear Baseball Coach, Parent, or Player,

Disappointment. Frustration. Anger. Fear.

These bitter emotions are so familiar to players – and to their coaches and parents – that you may sometimes wonder why you even bother playing.

If you’re like most, you’re sick of watching your player(s) be great in practice, but crumble in real games.

You feel like pulling your hair out when all those hours of practice seem to evaporate when the pressure is on.

Why do they play so great one day, then seem clueless the next?

Most importantly, what can be done about it?  How can you help players overcome the mental and emotional challenges baseball poses and gain a competitive edge over everyone else?

You Already Know the Secret…

You’ve heard it a million times:  “Play one pitch at a time!”

You know it’s the key to playing your best.  You know every championship team says that’s what they did to win it all: “We just went out there and played one pitch at a time.”

But it is not enough for players to know they should play one pitch at a time.  They have to be able to DO it!

Fully focusing 100% on this one pitch is a SKILL.  It is developed following the same principles as physical skills such as throwing a change-up, bunting, and first-and-third defense: PRACTICE.

Most coaches, players and parents say the mental game is 80% of baseball performance success… but spend virtually no resources developing mental skills.

As a result, players face the challenges of:

  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Anxiety
  • And many more performance-crippling emotions….

… with no training on how to overcome them.  As a result they ride the “Results Roller Coaster” where their spirits soar when they succeed, and crash when they fail.

They’re sent into battle unarmed. It’s like sending a hitter to the plate without a bat.

Don’t be that Coach, Parent or Player!

We get it, we know teaching the mental part of the game isn’t easy.  Few coaches (and fewer parents) really know HOW to teach it.

That’s why we wrote Heads-Up Baseball 2.0.  It is a simple, step-by-step process for developing players into mentally tough competitors.

We’ve learned from the very best in the game how they overcome failure and frustration and consistently perform at high levels, and we’ve boiled it down to an easily understood process.

Collegiate Baseball says:

“Heads-Up Baseball 2.0 is the bible for mental toughness in baseball.  The top programs at all levels have been using it for years.”

Evan Longoria of the San Francisco Giants says:

“I will always keep these tools in the back of my mind so they are there when I need them.” 

Heads-Up Baseball helps you:

  1. Have your “A game” more often so you experience that feeling of playing great
  2. Play as well as you can on days when you have your “B” and “C” games
  3. Have a more rewarding, satisfying, fun, and successful career because you more often got your talent to show up on the field. Instead of falling short of your potential, you’ll be able to handle the challenges the game throws at you
  4. Train Smarter! It can help you improve every area of your game faster.

    Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll discover…

      • What Mike Trout says he learned that helped him speed through the minor leagues (p. 44)
      • The 5 Skills we’ve found top players develop through practice that empower them to play near their best even when they don’t feel confident (p. 37)
      • What Anthony Rizzo does when his swing doesn’t feel good that enables him to still get the job done at the plate (p. 131)
      • What Brandon Belt learned that enabled him to compensate and adjust more quickly – making him a more consistent high-end player (p. 33)
      • What Derek Jeter did in pressure situations that helped him succeed so often (p. 41)
      • The 3 powerful choices players can make that free their talent to show up when they need it most;
      • How to PRACTICE being confident (it’s a skill!)
      • How to TRAIN for bouncing back from failure fast
      • What to do in practice to avoid choking in games
      • The 3 mindset traps pitchers fall into – and how to avoid them and find out how good a player can be on the mound
      • Why confidence is over-rated for hitters, and what to do when you don’t have it (p. 201)
      • What to do between pitches on defense to get a good jump on each ball (p. 260)
      • How to deal with failure so powerfully that the “bad” experience becomes a positive one (and sets you up for success right away)
      • A simple checklist to figure out where a player is breaking down – a guide to “troubleshooting” that will minimize and shorten slumps
      • PLUS: how using Heads-Up Baseball skills improves a player’s whole life!
      • and MUCH, MUCH more!

        It’s time to get off the emotional Results Roller Coaster and play consistent, fun, high-level baseball by learning how the best do it.

        It’s time to play Heads-Up Baseball.

        If you’ve suffered through enough poor performances and been heart-broken watching your player(s) struggle with the mental and emotional challenges…

        …and you’re ready for the best teaching and coaching on how to train and develop mentally tough competitors who have the competitive edge that enables them to thrive under pressure and handle failure like a champion, get Heads-Up Baseball 2.0 now.

        Your only regret will be you didn’t have it sooner.


        Dr. Ken Ravizza and Dr. Tom Hanson

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